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We are currently offering a set of 28 themed preschool lesson plans for children aged 2 to 6.  More packages of lesson plans are in development and we now offer individual preschool lessons for sale as well.  Please DOWNLOAD A FREE SAMPLE PRESCHOOL LESSON  or browse our different formats including our new Kindle format. 


These educational preschool lesson plans are appropriate for use in a classroom setting or for preschool aged children learning at home.  These lesson plans take the headache out of planning your activities so you can focus on other things.  They are wonderful tools for:

  • New preschool teachers who need some additional guidance.
  • Experienced preschool educators in need of some fresh ideas. 
  • Home school parents looking for creative and effective ways to educate their preschool age children.
  • Parents of preschool aged children desiring further enrichment activities.
  • Home daycare providers seeking easy, fun and creative activities.
  • Sunday school teachers looking to supplement their curriculum with educational preschool activities.
  • Grandparents and other family members looking for activities to keep preschoolers busy while in their care.
  • Any parent of a preschooler on a rainy day!


I have personally used each idea, book, craft, and project that I have put into these preschool lesson plans.  They are the activities that have been the most successful and stood the test of time during my career as a preschool teacher (and now as a parent). I have taken all that trial and error and written down what works.  I have sold several hundreds of these preschool lesson plan sets and have received only positive feedback.  Click here to check out our feedback.


I have also included ideas for both Christian and traditional celebrations of Christmas and Easter giving you even more flexibility during those celebrations.  The plans can be tailored for use in public or private preschool settings, or for use at home.  I have included lots of ideas for maximum flexibility.


Note:  I also provide free email support for all of the lesson plans so if there is ever anything in the plans that you don't quite understand you can contact me anytime.


For your convenience we offer the current package of lesson plans in 5 different formats:

  1. Kindle:  Our preschool lesson plans are now available instantly on your Kindle.  You can also take advantage of this via the free Kindle app for your PC,Tablet, or smartphone.  As a special bonus if you are a member of Amazon Prime you can now borrow all the lessons for free in the Kindle Lending Library.  The newly available Kindle cloud app can now sync your lesson plans between all your devices for added convenience.  For a limited time only the new Kindle version is only $7.99 (or free for Amazon Prime members!).  That is less than .29 per lesson! 
  2. E-Mail: The preschool lesson plans are emailed to you in a MS Word and/or PDF file.  $9.99 (shipping is FREE)
  3. CD: The preschool lesson plans are put on a CD in a MS Word and/or PDF file and the disc is mailed to you via 1st class mail.  $14.98 (shipping and handling are included in this price)
  4. Printed: The printed version of the preschool lesson plans is now available at our CafePress storeClick here to check out the print version
  5. Individual Lessons:  As an added convenience you can now purchase each of our preschool lessons separately.  Each preschool lesson plan is emailed to you in a MS Word and/or PDF file.  $1.99 (shipping is FREE)

All formats (Kindle, Email, CD, Print) have the same lesson plans and the same information.  The difference in cost is only due to the time, materials, and postage involved.