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Fun Field Trip Ideas


***New*** Check out our new page Field Trip Tricks and Tips to learn the methods successful teachers use for a stress-free field trip! (Also includes a FREE field trip checklist!)

Here are some fun and exciting educational field trip ideas for children.  If you have any trips or tours that have worked well for you just email them to trips@lessonplansplus.com and I will post the best ideas.  If you scroll to the bottom of this list I have included some links where you can find information on other fun field trips.  Have fun!

Educational Field Trip Ideas:

  • Visit a greenhouse in the spring.  They often give tours and let the children plant their own potted flower for a minimal charge.


  • Tour a fish hatchery. (submitted by Maggie D. via email)


  • Visit a farm.  Some offer seasonal activities, especially during spring and fall.


  • Set up a tour at a local grocery store.  


  • Visit a bakery.


  •  Visit a local bread making company.


  • Set up a pizza restaurant tour.  Many do this and it is a fun and interactive experience.  All those that I have been to even let the children make their own pizza!


  • If you have a childrens hospital in your area, see if they offer tours. 


  • Visit an art store.  Observe the many kinds of pencils, markers, paint and other art supplies.  After the visit have fun back home or at school creating your own work of art.


  • Visit a bird sanctuary, nature area, pond or park and observe where birds live.


  • Take a shape walk through a neighborhood and observe the various kinds of buildings, houses, apartments, signs, etc.  Look for different shapes and colors.


  • Visit a farmers market and purchase some fresh fruits and vegetables that can be used to create a snack together.


  • Visit the Fire Station.


  • Visit a Pet Store.


  • Visit a Nursing Home.  We have often visited nursing homes on or near Halloween wearing cute little costumes to bring cheer to the residents and also during the Christmas season to sing and share homemade Christmas cards (and candy canes or cookies if the staff allows).


  • Visit the zoo in the winter for something different.


  • Go see a childrens theater production.  Middle schools and High Schools sometimes put on childrens plays.


  • Visit the apple orchard and go apple picking.


  • Pick your own seasonal produce.  Check out PickYourOwn.org for great ideas and locations year round.


  • Go to the pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkin.


  • Go on a horse drawn sleigh ride in the winter.


  • Visit a nature center.


  • Visit a planetarium.


  • Visit the museum.


  • Contact your city maintenance department to see if you can go take a look at all the big working trucks (street sweepers, gravel trucks, snow plows, etc.).


  • Take a tour of the Post Office.


  • Visit the library and / or a children's book store for a special story time.


Addional Resources:

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Trip Advisor :  Although this is a travel info website if you go to the section titled "Things to do" and type in your local area you will be given a ranked list of the best things to do in your area as voted by Trip Advisor members.  You may find some hidden gems.