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LessonPlansPlus.com is proud to announce our partnership with IX Webhosting.  We have used their hosting services for over a year and have been extremely pleased with all facets of their operation.  If you are looking for an affordable, reliable company to host your webpage we highly recommend IX Webhosting.

***Our blog now has a new address.  If you have it bookmarked please update your link.  The change has given us some enhanced features that I think you'll enjoy.  Check it out here. ***

Check out my husbands new website: No Fear MRI .  He is an MRI technologist and he made the site to be a source of information for anyone having an MRI.  He put alot of great information there.  It should be a terrific resource especially for those who are a little bit claustrophobic, like me.

Another cool site is Kiva.org.  They make microloans with zero interest to people in developing countries to help them start businesses and climb out of poverty.  You can loan as little as $25.  Very interesting concept and a very solid company started by one of the guys that founded Paypal.  We made our first loan to a sheep farmer in Azerbaijan.  Our $25 was pooled with money from about 25 other people to make his $1000 loan.  We were paid back just as promised.  Click on the banner above to see what it's all about or check out our sheep farmer by clicking here